Who is Behind All This

I have a broad experience from most corners of our planet. I have been working with celebrities walking on the red carpet and been on the ground in hostile environments in several countries.

During my 40 years of breathing I have always been fascinated by other peoples feelings towards laughs and cries in the everyday challenges and crisis. But it was not only until he really started to work and explore the African continent that he got to see peoples ability to handle good and less good situations in their everyday lives.

After having worked with a great number of people in challenging conditions, I decided to get deeper into the human mind.

Talks is often the best way to communicate and will often be a red thread with a toolbox tied to it for you as a human being to use. After this I decided to get a formal education attached to my experience and by doing so I got trained in hypnosis as a tool when working with trauma and other difficult human situations.

I have trained with the best there is in the hypnosis industry.

I have travelled the world being a keynote speaker in multinational companies and events. I have also got awarded for my engagement in helping others.

Company Progress

My clients and guests, come from all over the world and I see them online as well as in my office or at their designated location. Traveling is mostly not an issue. This is approximately how my clients are divided at the moment.

Client increase
Corporate and organizational clients
Therapy and Coaching

Something more than just a performance

When you have decide to use me for your next event, seminar, party, training and more. You are in for a thrill, as my time spent with you will make sure that you get exactly what you asked for and even some… You are ready aren´t you?

My Skills

For some people I might be the jack of all trades, but in reality I know a bit about a thing or two due to my life experience. This is something that you also have and need to know how to appreciate, you are unique and completely lovable.

  • Hypnosis Comedy Shows 90%

  • Training courses 80%

  • Therapy 100%

  • Coaching 50%

Why Choose Me?

I spend the time needed researching your event or industry, your issues, and your audience. Once this important research is complete, I can put the presentation, show or training together to a unique and distinctive moment just for your audience. I may get members of the audience to participate, use humor and more to get this to be as interaktive as possible. My job is to weave your message into your program in a memorable and fun way.

I bring the perfect balance of an energizing performance blended with real-world experience and credibility. I do not only inspire, but move your audience to action by offering practical and effective approaches to ensure that you get your message across.

My unique background and expertise differentiates me from other stage hypnotists and party entertainers. I have been seen and heard at events near you. I have been performing on stages in 3 continents and has recently been visiting Thailand, India, Hong Kong, China, Nigeria, U.K, Germany, Latvia, Spain and more.

You’re event is safe with me

You can expect a professional show and as a spectator I will laugh with the volunteers on stage and never at them. I have studied hypnosis and more with the best mentors there is in the industry. During the show or presentation, I will invite volunteers from the audiance to join me on the stage, and then proceed to hypnotize them in a matter of seconds using various hypnotic techniques and I will get them to act upon som ridiculous suggestions.

My presentations or shows are all COVID-19 compliant and safety is my highest priority. Safe, Clean and appropriate performances that shows the best demonstration of hypnosis entertainment available in the world today.

All my shows, trainings and presentations of any kind is tailored to ensure that you as my client gets what you are expecting. Therefor an open communication line and proper paperwork is necessary to secure you as a client and me as your guest. Depending of the event I always offer support to your audience afterwards and I keep you and the audience updated on news and ways to stay in touch with the inner you.