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Karl Smith

Consummate Professional and Great…

Consummate Professional and Great Hypnotherapist. Thank you for your amazing skills!

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Mădălina Bratu

The experience I had with Thomas was…

The experience I had with Thomas was unique and I would always do it again. If you want to explore the beauty of your own mind, find Thomas. He knows how to guide you !

Bilgenur Sariaslan

Thomas is a professional hypnotist who…

Thomas is a professional hypnotist who does his job. Friendly, solution-oriented and approachable. It’s impossible not to admire his skills and knowledge. I am very happy to have the opportunity to chat and meet, as well as the hypnosis skills. Thomas is a great mentor even a little session heals your soul. I am sure it gives the best service to its customers. There is no doubt that someone who does his job so meticulously deserves the best. I recommend that friends who will experience this experience never hesitate. Fortunately, our paths crossed with Thomas. It’s great to see people doing their jobs properly in this period we live in.

Louisa Maloney

The best hypnotise ever!!!

Never really delved into hypnotism until I met Thomas. but it has always fascinated me. The whole knowledge and experience Thomas has is fantastic and it inspires you to understand yourself more. Trust is the most important aspect of hypnotism and you can completely 100% trust him. He allowed me to delve into personal issues such as anxiety and talk freely about this without the fear of being judged. Even after one session, I feel like a massive weight of constant worry and anxious thoughts have been relieved and I feel so much more positive about everything. If you have been considering hypnotism, Thomas is your guy, he’s such a lovely and kind man and will truly help you with any issues you have.
Thank you so much Thomas and I can’t wait for our next session.

Gabriella Kondrotavici

Thomas-best hypnotist

Thomas is for far the best hypnotist I’ve ever met in this life and I’m 100% sure that it will stay that way forever. I had sooooo many issues,traumas collected from my life (from early age till now) and he managed in only 3 sessions to fix them all. He is trust worthy, professional, confidential, a pro. My life changed since I’ve met Thomas, he did something I did not believe that is possible; he made me smile again. I don’t know how much to thank you for that, I think you deserve way more than you are receiving. XOXO, Gabriella

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Martin Jonas


In addition to being an excellent professional, Thomas is very close human quality, Thomas explores all your possibilities and makes you listen more to your body and mind for yourself. A truly amazing work and above all in an effective and very professional way. Total success guarantee.