Karoline profil
Karoline Westad
Changed my life completely!

Changed my life completely! I came to Thomas at perhaps my lowest point, but it didn’t take long before he got me to smile and laugh. Already after the first session, I was more positive than ever, and it was noticed by everyone around me as well. Thomas has coached me for 5 months now, and I have achieved so much. I have gone from being stressed all the time and having a resting heart rate of 110 to not stressing and having around 70. I have lost 15 kg without following any diet or anything! I have started my own company and I have bought my own apartment. All of this I could not have done without help from Thomas and his guidance. Absolutely recommendable! And hypnosis is just absolutely fantastic and relaxing and an indescribably good tool! I have become an improved version of myself and I am better than ever!