Chocolate addiction

I turned to Thomas to gain control over my chocolate indulgence. I was head over heels for chocolate and had declared myself a chocoholic. Chocolate was my morning muse and my evening reverie. I could devour kilos of chocolate a week without feeling a hint of queasiness. When stress came knocking, I turned to chocolate. Whether I was happy or sad, chocolate was my constant companion. It ‘solved’ all my problems. But then, after just one session with Thomas, chocolate vanished from my life, and I haven’t laid a finger on it, or anything chocolaty, in 5 months. This had never happened before in my life.

Other events and traumas emerged, and I could no longer use chocolate to drown my sorrows. Exercise became my new way of conquering problems and dispelling dark thoughts. Now, I’m almost 10 kg lighter and feeling joyous and liberated. Taking control of your life comes at a cost, but it’s an investment in yourself. My family now has a much happier wife and mom. Thomas is a conversational wizard, adeptly sensing his clients’ needs in a professional and effective manner.

He imparts his wisdom, shares his experiences, and aids in problem-solving. He’s professional, caring, and an incredibly empathetic human being. I can never thank him enough.